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14 Oktober 2008

Telecommunications Equipment

The development of Information Technology up to at this time developed fast together with the discovery and the development of Science in the Information field and Communication so as to be able to create the supportive equipment the development of Information Technology, beginning with the communication system up to the communications equipment that a direction and two directions (interactive).

The process delivery the message or information from the sender to the recipient by using the symbol or the certain symbol, both directly or indirectly (used the media) to get feedback could be interpreted as communication.

Whereas information technology could be interpreted as technology that was used to process information including got, kept and delivered or spread him.

Telecommunications equipment among them was :

1. Telegraph
During 1835, Samuel Finley Breese Morse succeeded in creating the model telegraph first that was operated on in the New York University building
Telegraph was the telecommunications system that used electricity equipment to send and accept the signal in accordance with the code in the form of the electricity pulse, through copper cables.

2. The Telephone
The telephone came from Greek, tele meaning that far and phone meaning that the voice. The telephone was equipment that changed the voice into electricity energy and sent through the network cable of the telephone

3. The Facsimile
The facsimile came from words facsimile that meaning that copied equally precisely in an original manner. The fax machine was telecommunications equipment that was used to send the article and the picture through the telephone

4. Television
Television was the telecommunications system that sent and accepted the picture and the voice by means of sending electronics signals through the cable and optic fibre, or by using the electromagnetic wave.

5. Radio
Radio was the communications equipment that sent the voice through air by using the electromagnetic wave. Radio was not only used as the communications equipment of two directions, but also was used as the communications equipment of one direction with the commercial aim, that was acknowledged as the radio transmitter

6. Hand phone
The mobile phone or the cellular phone was the combination of telephone technology with radio technology. The cellular phone worked by means of accepting the electromagnetic signal that was accepted from a transmitter with the certain frequency that was mentioned (BTS) (Base Transceiver Station).

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